Soulfit Sonic V08: A Premium and Futuristic Smart Talkband

smart wristband
The wearable market is rapidly being overwhelmed by gadgets, and every organization is working hard to create a breakthrough product. Some motion trackers have heart rate sensors; some offer extra long battery life;

Soulfit recently launched the smart watch Sonic V08, which has some special highlights that have never been launched in India so far. The unique component that makes Soulfit Sonic a unique gadget is its detachable Bluetooth screen, which meets the dual needs of mobile following and hands-free calling. It seems that Soulfit is determined to push most of its donors to improve their health and wellness goals by following daily exercises such as sleep, heart rate monitoring and blood pressure. The entry price for this watch is Rs. 15,999, but now that it is available, you can get a price of Rs 990.

smart wristband

All in all, the Soulfit Sonic V08 is a unique product that combines a smart watch, a fitness band and a Bluetooth headset, built into one device. If health monitoring such as steps and sleep monitoring is very accurate, I also tested blood pressure and heart rate monitoring. The heart rate results immediately appear, while the time to record blood pressure is small, but the results are also very accurate. As far as the battery is concerned, the battery life is 3-4 days in normal use, and the device can be fully charged in only 1 to 1:30 hours.

In addition to the many impressive features of the Soulfit sonic V08, the device does not include GPS, which means that all your activity data is recorded by wrist movements, which means the tracker is not suitable for runners or cyclists. .

The entry price for this watch is 15999 rupees, but now it is available, you can get 9999 rupees. All in all, the new Soulfit Sonic V08 is a Bluetooth headset with a single device and blood pressure monitoring. Value for money, we give this future smart device a thumbs up.

All in all, the Soulfit Sonic V08 looks even better and futuristic.